As Professional EOS Implementers, we have been expertly trained to implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System® as efficiently and effectively as possible to help you and your leadership team become your best.


  • Humbly confident – Open, honest, real, and well-practiced, ready to make a positive difference

  • Grow or die – Driven to maximise every situation and to take ourselves and our clients to the next level

  • Help first – Subordinating our personal interests to advance others, always giving value before expecting anything in return

  • Do the right thing – Never betraying a trust and doing whatever it takes to resolve every issue so people can move forward

  • Do what we say – Sometimes more, never less


BEN SHAPIRO  | Certified EOS® Implementer

BEN SHAPIRO | Certified EOS® Implementer

I've been an entrepreneur since the age of 18, encouraged by my father to work on my own business before exploring any work with traditional employment. Since then I've had the privilege of working with some first-to-market and world leading products in professional services, telco and technology organisations.

I love building businesses and have started or co-founded eight companies in the last 20 years and have gone on to sell a number of them, but my curious nature inspired me to look for better ways and learnings. Having worked alongside innovative leadership teams in high growth companies, I've seen the power of the EOS system firsthand, having personally used it to work through 'hitting the ceiling' stages of business growth.

For me, EOS brought together all the aspects of trial-and-error experienced when growing a business into a simple system that I can help other businesses use to learn, grow and be successful too.

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The Entrepreneurial Operating System® is simple, but fundamentally changing the way a business operates can be hard. An EOS Implementer combines a passion for helping entrepreneurs and their leadership teams with the skills and experience to help you strengthen the Six Key Components™ of your business by:

  • Teaching every tool in the EOS Toolbox™

  • Facilitating clarity, alignment, and resolution

  • Coaching EOS purity, accountability, and helping your leadership team become its best

Professional EOS Implementers have been trained to follow the EOS Process™  in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Our expertise in EOS Implementation, combined with our extensive business experience, will help you and your leadership team achieve alignment and clarity to drive powerful results.

  • Follow the EOS Process™ and implement the tools purely

  • Achieve mastery more quickly

  • Create more accountability throughout your organization

  • Solve tough issues for the long-term and greater good

  • Work together as a cohesive, functional team

  • Get more of the right stuff done every week

  • Clarify, simplify and achieve your vision